Books and Resources by Dr. Russell Earl Kelly

Russ Kelly taught for many years at the Baptist International Bible Institute as well as at Victory Baptist Church Bible Institute.
Russ has written and bublished the following three books.

Should the Church Teach Tithing?

Seventh-day Adventism

From Gethsemane to Ascension
Easter and Resurection Plays

You can read more on the topics that these books cover at Russ's web sites for each.

Should the Church Teach Tithing?

Seventh-day Adventism Exposed

From Gethsemane to Ascension: Easter and Resurection Plays

Additionally, Russ has posted his writtings on Dispensational Theology as well as his course teachings from the Bible Institutes that he taught at.

Doctrines of Dispensational Theology

Bible Institute Teachings from Russ Kelly

Tithing Essay in other languages

Tithing Essay in Danish - Et essay: Tiende er ikke en kristen lære

Tithing Essay in Portuguese - Dizimar não é uma doutrina cristã

Tithing Essay in Spanish - Un ensayo: el diezmar no es una doctrina cristiana